Sunken Anchor

Sunken Anchor

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Volunteer From The Audience

So I popped my cherry to coin a phrase. By that I mean that I cleanly, and successfully completed my first tattoo on a live person. My dad's friend John is a staunch NY Mets baseball fan and asked me to ink him. He wanted it on his calf muscle. He was really cool about it all and was confident in my art skills. I was able to finish it in a bit over an hour. He is following the aftercare nicely and its healing well.( It also helps that he has skin like a Rhino ) People can't believe it is the first tattoo I have done. I know it is not perfect, but it came out a lot better than I thought and he really, really loves it so that makes me happy. John wants some Koi on his arm and a devlish mermaid in a martini glass next. Those should be fun to draw out and ink. They will only get better from here on out.

Let me also say that pigskin sucks and is unpredictable. This was so much easier than pigskin. Although pigskin is good to practice on. I think next time I need some to see if the butcher can get me some back pieces. The parts near the belly are too soft and turn mushy. I practiced his design on pigksin ( You can see it on the op of the page), and had to throw it away cause it got so damn mushy. I then decided to finish the design on a piece of the rubber fake skin I had on my work station. While not as good as the real stuff it is firm and you can at least finish a design.


  1. Wow!! Wonderful first tattoo. You did a great job with the drop shadow- it really ticks my eyes into seeing the design floating/hovering above the skin. I think the color you used for the drop shadow makes a lot of sense- it seems just a darker shade of the skin color of your client.
    ....and i have to say i am SUPER excited about seeing you draw a mermaid since i am fairly obsessed with the creatures :)
    i think my next tattoo will be this here mermaid i drew out:
    unfortunately tattooing is expensive and its not in my budget. My first and only tattoo i traded a friend for- painted him something. I hope to strike a deal like that again but dont really know any other tattoo artists :/ rambling.
    cant wait to see whats next with your tattooing journey.
    Best wishes,
    -Chelsea Rose

  2. Chelsea ,

    Thank you :)I am glad you liked the drop shadow.I was trying to pull off an optical illusion sorta. Hes very stoked about his ink and wants more. So does his girlfriend. So thats cool.

    I really love the mermaid drawing you did. It really is made to be inked, for sure. I am looking forward to drawing the mermaid for him. I am rather fond of them myself actually...what man of the sea isn't?

    If you are ever in NY let me know, I would be glad to ink you up. You can make me some of those awesome shirts you guys screen up :)

  3. Awesome! that would be i have to find an excuse to get to NY someday soon :P