Sunken Anchor

Sunken Anchor

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swallow Redux

So the last 2 posts I made really don't sit well with me because I am a perfectionist. There is a learning curve when working with pigskin. Its like tattooing rice pudding when it gets soft. Generally it has a firm texture, but fatty parts bleed through no matter how much you clean off the grime. That being said, I decided to redo the swallow with a fresh out of the freezer piece, it defrosted pretty rapidly, and I was ready with stencil in hand. I also got a tattoo ink kit, so I have several colors now. It made a huge difference when I added the red. So even though pigskin is an uphill battle, this time I feel it came out a lot better. I was unable to properly draw and render the bomb the way I wanted to because of the soft nature of the area. So all in all not too bad considering. Enjoy.

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