Sunken Anchor

Sunken Anchor

Monday, May 24, 2010

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Tibexican Sugar Skull

So as promised here is a new Zen inspired design. I think I am gonna do a few of these sort of pieces I am having a blast drawing these out. In this tattoo inspired sort of imagery, I juxtaposed a Mexican sugar skull of sorts with some Buddhist imagery and a Tibetan inspired lotus flower. Hence....Tibexican. Drawn with my trusty brush pen. Its really starting to go... I actually dipped it into ink like a nib for certain effects in here. I will definitely keep it on hand for special effects like dry brush, but I think I need to replenish my stocks. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finch on a Teacup

Here is a sketch I did I thought it was neat. Im gonna probably make this a shirt at some point. Enjoy.

The Monkey King

This was an illustration that I recently completed as a gift for someone. My friend AJ wanted to commission me to draw the Monkey King for his Kung Fu teacher. I definitely jumped at the chance because this sort of subject matter is really cool and interesting and I don't get to do this sort of stuff every day.I decided to draw it in a slightly comic bookish/Manga type style. Again, I never get to draw this stuff so it was cool. The Monkey King was a total bad ass, and then he became a Raw Foodist Monk. Stay tuned for more Zen inspired designs, coming to an Etsy shop near you!

My Pussy Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student

So here is the female companion piece for the Cock tshirt. I think it speaks for itself. I created the drawing by hand using pencil and my trusty Faber Castell Brush Pen. Gad I love them things; even when they start to die out they are great. After I scanned in the drawing I added type with Adobe Illustrator.

I then printed the image onto the transparency and burned it onto my silk screen as I have mentioned previously. I ended up printing it onto a black shirt with kind of a bubblegum pink ink I concocted. The neon pink ink I originally bought was turning a dark burgundy color when dry and on a black tshirt it wasn't showing up very well. I remedied this by adding a bit of Pearl White ink (Speedball). That did the trick. Kinda looks like a Zombie Cat now, which isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anchor Tattoo

So I got my first tattoo today from my buddy Joe. We've been good friends since we went to The
High School of Art & Design. He recently got his tattoo license and is also an Etsy seller as well. I gave him a copy of my anchor design and he came up with a stencil. Joe came by my house today to ink me up; and with some Allman Bros. and some Ramones tunes we got it done. In the near future Joe will be inking my other arm with a Striped Bass skelton design I came up with. Check out Joe's awesome mixed media tattoo inspired paintings in his Etsy shop. The link is:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stoopid Birds

So here is my first foray into printing tshirts for women. I originally made this design as a linoleum block print, which I printed on hand made paper. The design is very popular on Etsy whenever I go into the chatrooms to network. I decided to print it on an Old Navy ladies tshirt. Its this cool bright orange color. The ink is black waterbased fabric ink.

I transferred my print onto my silkscreen and made this tshirt.