Sunken Anchor

Sunken Anchor

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Anchor Tattoo

So I got my first tattoo today from my buddy Joe. We've been good friends since we went to The
High School of Art & Design. He recently got his tattoo license and is also an Etsy seller as well. I gave him a copy of my anchor design and he came up with a stencil. Joe came by my house today to ink me up; and with some Allman Bros. and some Ramones tunes we got it done. In the near future Joe will be inking my other arm with a Striped Bass skelton design I came up with. Check out Joe's awesome mixed media tattoo inspired paintings in his Etsy shop. The link is:


  1. wow! masterfully done- he did your original artwork some justice. It almost has a hand drawn pen and ink feel to it! love the details- the line strokes within the wood and the braided rope are wonderful.
    I got my first tattoo in the same place as you it looks like...just about that big too. i traded a friend for it. painted him a painting, and i got some time in his tattoo chair for it. It was an art nouveau morning glory flower that looked a lot like a block print. all black and white.
    ...i have a feeling this tattoo of yours is commemorative, thinking back on what you said about the intent behind the original artwork on a previous blog entry.
    im happy and excited for you. cant wait to see the skeletal bass manifest.
    keep the tattoo moist and disinfected!
    for me the most annoying part of getting a tattoo was not the actual pain in the chair but the itching caused by the healing!
    so good luck :P
    -Chelsea Rose

  2. Thanks for the kind words Chelsea. Joe did a great job I agree. Art Nouveau is awesome one of my fav styles, especially Alphonse Mucha's work.Yeah I suppose you can say that it has meaning for me :) Thanks Im excited to get my next one. Im keepin it clean and covered with A&D ointment. Its healing well. Thanks for following the blog :)